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Discover Salisbury 和 Eastern Shore


Whether you study or work here, you’ll find that this is the place to be. The community and region that surround Salisbury University offer wide-ranging opportunities for residents 和 visitors, alike!


Known as “Maryl和’s Coastal College Town,” the 城市索尔兹伯里 has long been the crossroads of the historic Delmarva Peninsula. With a population of some 30,000, it’s the largest city on the Eastern Shore 和 No. 1 fastest growing city in Maryland, according to city officials. Founded in 1732 和 incorporated in 1854, it also is the county seat for Wicomico. The area offers the ideal mix of an urban center, nestled within a scenic rural region, centrally located to major metropolitan areas.


Located just two miles from campus, 索尔兹伯里市中心 is a designated Main Street Maryl和 community, with 商店,餐馆 和事件。您可以 到市中心 通过骑自行车,开车,甚至皮艇!一个 手推车服务 runs between SU 和 downtown during the semester. The Salisbury Arts 和 Entertainment District’s 流行 第三个星期五 庆祝活动每月举行。

SU has been a partner in reinvigorating downtown Salisbury. The 苏艺术画廊 – Downtown Campus opened there in 2013. The Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative relocated to SU’s Plaza Gallery Building in 2018, followed by a multi-million dollar Entrepreneurship Center in 2020.

Wicomico County 和 Eastern Shore

Situated perfectly between the Atlantic Ocean 和 Chesapeake Bay, Wicomico County offers outdoor adventures, Eastern Shore food, culture and history和 an affordable cost of living. With a population of some 102,000, the county has over 60 restaurants, 20 shopping centers 和 various accommodations to suit your needs. 威科米科县旅游 是东西可看,做一个枢纽。

The Eastern Shore region is steeped in the rich heritage of the Chesapeake region, from Native Americans to the traditions of watermen. SU helps preserve this history through its 野禽艺术博物馆病房,承认 今日美国 as one of the 10 best places in the U.S. to view American folk art, 和 Edward H. Nabb 研究 Center for Delmarva History 和 Culture, 主页 to some of the nation’s oldest genealogical records. Visitors often enjoy the nearby historic towns of 雪丘, 柏林, 剑桥伊斯顿.


SU is one of Wicomico County’s largest employers. A 2016 study showed that SU contributes nearly a half billion dollars annually to the region’s economy. Among our community partners are:


There are numerous area attractions for students, parents 和 families. The Arthur W. Perdue Stadium is 主页 to the 德尔马瓦水鸟 一流的棒球队。该 索尔兹伯里动物园 is recognized as one of the best small zoos in America. History lovers enjoy the 杨树山豪宅, 新城历史街区, 彭伯顿历史公园和 Whitehaven Ferry. Fresh produce 和 regional specialties abound at the weekly 卡姆登大街农贸市场. Beyond the city, the region is 主页 to the Delmarva Discovery Center 和 Museum,美国航空航天局 沃洛普斯飞行设施切萨皮克湾海事博物馆.


The Eastern Shore is known for its accessibility to waterways, beaches and nature, as well as its slower pace with less traffic and congestion. Salisbury is situated directly on the Wicomico River, a 流行 waterway for boaters and kayakers, along with the Manokin and Nanticoke rivers. All lead to the nearby Chesapeake Bay, the nation’s largest estuary and a hub for environmental re搜索. The city boasts the second largest water port in Maryland, plus boat ramps 和 marinas.

Wicomico County Recreation 和 Parks offers over 50 parks and outdoor facilities. There are more than 1,500 acres to hike, bike, 玩, relax 和 explore the area’s natural beauty. An active community, Salisbury hosts events from the SBY马拉松 苏自己 海鸥世纪 bike ride. The nearby Atlantic Ocean is dotted with 流行 beaches 和 vacation destinations from 大洋城阿萨蒂格国家海岸特拉华州的海滩 of Fenwick, Bethany, Rehoboth, Lewes 和 Cape Henlopen.


The campus is a cultural center for the region, offering a robust roster of exhibits, lectures, performing arts 和 other events – many of which are free. (Check out our cultural events magazine 全景 for a quick overview of recent 和 upcoming events.) Live music ranges from the 索尔兹伯里交响乐团, 至 赞美诗和持久性有机污染物索尔兹伯里, 至 guest artists of all genres. The SU Dance Company 和 Bobbi Biron Theatre Program each stage several 制作 每年,随着 索尔兹伯里的玩家社区. In addition, SU is 主页 to Wicomico’s Public Access Television station (PAC 14) 和 two National Public Radio affiliates: 89.5 FM和FM 90.7. In 索尔兹伯里市中心, you will find the 索尔兹伯里艺术空间, offering exhibits 和 art education programs, 和 索尔兹伯里威科米科艺术委员会.